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The Quidditch game will proceed today according to the timetable. Any disadvantages incurred by either team following yesterday's events are their own affair.

The Hospital Wing has been extended with the help of a Tardis Charm, and is currently hosting patients from St Mungo's while the building is repaired by Orders. Certain Ministry officials are also in the castle. You will be courteous to them. In view of the disruption engendered by their presence, and by the shameful behaviour of students left in the castle yesterday, students will refrain from visiting the Hospital Wing and causing further chaos. Exceptions to this are seen below. Apart from when watching the match or attending meals, you will remain in your common rooms.

Information on the condition of students, professors, St Mungo's staff and patients will be released every four hours. I am able to tell you that Marietta Edgcombe, your Head Girl, is awake and out of danger. Hermione Granger Katie Bell and Su Li have yet to come round. Their conditions are described as being very serious. Anthony Goldstein is in the same category, but was awake briefly this morning. Professor McGonagall's condition has not changed.

Mr Pucey, I wish to see you in my office after the match. If you wish to see Miss Edgcombe, you will have the chance to put your case forward then. Mr Smith, likewise.

Mr Longbottom, you have access to the Hospital Wing as you wish. Mr Diggle is waiting for you.

I need not tell you how disappointed I am in you all. I thought better of you, severally and as a whole.

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Many apologies! I'm afraid I've been most fearfully remiss with the thankyou notes. I would have expressed my gratitude earlier, but unfortunately the knee-top suffered a bit of a mishap during the party! No lasting harm done, Hagrid - I popped it over to my cousin Osric in Cambridge and one of his delightful young Muggles did the job. Came round from the Obliviate remarkably quickly.

Many thanks for the socks, Molly. They're quite ludicrously comfortable. Severus, Pomona - no after-effects, I trust? Ahaha. Splendid, splendid. Well, it's not every day one reaches 150, is it?

I greatly enjoyed my party - Pomona, your decorations were exquisite. Alastor, your present is very, ah... hungry. Did my brother have anything to do with it? And should it really be eating quite so much? However, I'm sure it WILL make a marvellous guard...goat. Dedalus, I presume the sparklers were your idea? Lovely, lovely. Minerva's shortbread really is most excellent. I haven't even unwrapped all my presents yet!
What a lovely morning.
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Visible to the Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects of Hogwarts.

Good afternoon! Now, as I'm sure you're all aware, the feast of St. Valentine rushes on apace, and as your sentimental old Headmaster, I'm proposing that the evening be celebrated with a celebratory Ball! The usual heart-shaped frivolities, rosewater punch, tally-ho and general merriment, to take place on the fourteenth of February, for those students in the fourth year and above.

Miss Edgecombe, Mr Pucey, as Head Girl and Boy, you will be responsible for organising this event, ably aided by the Prefects. You are to decide on the decorations, the music and refreshments - and on, a more serious note, to ensure that disasters such as the Truth Serum incident from Hallowe'en are avoided.

I am sure you will use your leadership skills wisely (with power comes responsibility, and all that). I look forward to seeing the fruits of your discussions with the Prefects (and, of course, to the event itself - you'll also be responsible for the publicity).

Should the evening prove a success, there will of course be an appropriate reward for all of you.
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Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to all of you. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and has emerged suitably refreshed.

Now, a few words to the wise. The Forbidden Forest is once more out of bounds, and - on a happier note - Madame Hooch informs me that the first Quidditch match of the term will be played between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, on the seventeenth of January. Captains, you have two weeks to prepare your teams.

There will be a Hogsmeade weekend later this month. Owing to the sad events of last term (I am sure we extend every condolence to the Ministry), work has been undertaken to further secure the village.

However, it is important not to become complacent, in any respect. Much as we hope for a quiet and prosperous term, the threat of danger is still with us, perhaps even still amongst us, and it is important to - if I may borrow a phrase from one of my colleagues - exercise "Constant Vigilance" (yes, Alastor, I told you I'd put it in) in our day-to-day lives.

We are strongest when we are united; I trust you will all be looking after your friends, as well as yourselves. Many of you will have important academic exams this calendar year, and - however tempting or sensational the diversions - it's important that you don't neglect your schoolwork. Your Heads of House will, I'm sure, be happy to advise. Prefects, I have some news for you, to be communicated as soon as lessons are up and running. Please check your House noticeboards regularly.

Professors, I am delighted to see that you've all escaped the holiday season relatively unscathed (or at least no more scathed than you were in December)! I myself had a marvellous festive season. A most amusing Christmas, although the clockwork pirhana I found in my cracker did upset Fawkes rather. But enough of that.

A very happy 1997 to you all!
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Next staff meeting:

1. Possibility of house elf pensions? Discuss
2. Bernard the Bemused gone missing from portrait again, organise search party (NO CADOGAN)
3. flower arrangement for Cornelius's services (poss. Pomona?)